Comer Holdings
Collectively Compelling

Comer Holdings LLC, through its operating companies, is committed to providing quality parts and service at competitive prices to its partners. Comer Holdings LLC, through its many subsidiaries currently provides assembly, warehousing, sequencing and manufacturing to the North American markets. Through its Camryn Group of companies, Comer Holdings also provides transportation logistics, warehousing and manufacturing assembly.


ISO 9001
ISO 14001
TS 16949

Jim Comer, CEO


Mr. Comer has over four decades of key leadership roles with several Fortune 500 Companies. He is founder and sole owner of Comer Holdings, LLC headquartered in Southfield, Michigan. Prior to establishing Comer Holdings, Mr. Comer was President of the North American Joint Ventures and Diversity at Lear Corporation. Mr. Comer joined Lear Corporation as Director of Quality in 1987. In 2001, he assumed the position of Vice President of Global Quality.

Les Stansbery, CFO


Mr. Stansbery has over 30 years experience in the development and implementation of business and financial strategies . Mr. Stansbery acts as the primary financial lead in account management, banking, cash management, budgeting, insurance and tax. He is responsible for the financial direction and support of the growth and development of Comer Holdings LLC. and its operating companies

Kelly Rankin, VP Quality and Government Contracting


Ms. Rankin has worked for Comer Holdings LLC. since 2006 and is accountable for Quality policy and government related business in nine plant locations. As primary contact with key customers such as Ford Motor Company and Lear Corporation, Ms. Rankin advises Comer Holdings, the Camryn Group of Companies, and IMA on strategic direction for quality initiatives, business proposals, and all marketing efforts.

Derrick McDonald, Vice President of Human Resources


Mr. McDonald has worked for Comer Holdings since 2006 representing the company in key contract negotiations with the United Auto Workers . He is responsible for the human resource management of company policies and procedures including the administration of benefit programs including: health, retirement, disability, and unemployment.