We can handle it

We find our strength in numbers. 1700 employees, 8 locations, 5 companies, 1 mission…to serve you!


We know relationships matter

Our most important assets are our people and our customers. Our investment in both relationships yields invaluable partnerships and steadfast allies.


We can get it done

While driven by superior results, we also know the difference is in the details. Others simply make sure it gets done. We make sure it’s done right.

Comer Foundation
Focused on the Future

Comer Foundation

Comer Foundation is committed to the improvement of the Detroit area and surrounding communities by providing resources which support educational, economic and social development. Through charitable giving and community partnerships Comer Foundation encourages personal and professional development, initiated during early childhood.


Camryn Group
Independently Diversified

Camryn Group

Wholly owned and operated by Comer Holdings, The Camryn Group of companies provides, Freight and Warehouse Management, Manufacturing and Assembly services, Commercial Roofing Services and Commercial Property Insurance.

Cameryn Group

The Camryn Group of companies

Camryn ContractingCamryn Logistics
Pinkey Perry Insurance Agency

Joint Ventures
Partnered for success

We’ve teamed with Lear Corporation to offer superior automotive seating solutions, world class delivery and competitive prices to our customers. Robust engineering, testing, program management, and assembly provide a basis for our commitment to superior performance realized through our two joint ventures (Integrated Manufacturing and Assembly, Advanced Assembly).